Khamis, 27 Ogos 2009

some divisions of light/shadow:

highlight: The point closest to the light source where light is most concentrated. Highlights are easiest to see on reflective or glossy surfaces.

light: Half of a hemisphere is lit when a light source is present. We see more of the light side than we do shadow in the illustration at the top right.

shadow: The half hemisphere that is darker (not necessarily dark) which is opposite the lit hemisphere.

core shadow: This is the center of the darkened area. From our vantage point it is a thin crescent.

reflected light: Use this as often as you can. It can help to define the back edge of an object. It occurs in a shadowed area and is caused by light being reflected from another area or created by a secondary light source.

cast shadow: This gives an object a nice sense of space

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